The Bradford Bulls Foundation

The Bradford Bulls Foundation is the official charity of the Bradford Bulls.
Our aims are to provide:
• high quality, inclusive, positive multi-sports activities and experiences to adults, children and young people of all abilities using the power of sport to educate, motivate, inspire and make a positive difference for all.
• every school child in the Bradford district with the opportunity to participate in and consume all sports and healthy recreation
• courses, assemblies and coaching which:
- support schools in their delivery of sport;
- promote holistic well-being: mental health awareness and mental health well-being; healthy eating; physical health and fitness
- promote anti-drugs awareness, anti-bullying and healthy lifestyle messages
- reduce crime and truancy among young people and encourage civic responsibility
- deliver leisure-time activities where gaps exist (e.g. due to disablement or financial hardship) in the interests of social welfare and improving conditions of life; and
• advancement of public education, through mentoring and extra-curricular education, addressing young people's development by promoting their personal, mental and social well-being.
The Foundation engages with over 30,000 adults, children and young people every year.

Odsal Stadium

Phone Number: 0333 323 5075