Global Bradford

We are a migrant-led group seeking to achieve solidarity and mutual understanding between all migrants, regardless of where they are from and regardless of status. We also seek to debunk myths about migrants to the wider community and celebrate our diversity of cultures.
We have come together as individual migrants of varied backgrounds to organise this project with the common goal of uniting migrants. Sadly, the media and sometimes home office/government make out that migrants are in a hierarchy and divided, whereas we have a lot in common, be it through our experiences of settling, through discrimination, being subject to hate crime and being subjected to the ‘hostile environment’. We delivered a one-off event on 11th August this year (2019) to provide a snapshot of our diversity of cultures, whilst planning a longer project to take place from September 2019 to August 2020 when we shall work with communities, organisations and young people to increase pride in their heritage and bring solidarity.
Twitter: @GlobalBradford
Currently we meet at BCB Radio premises every other Tuesday from 13:00 - 14:30.

C/o Dominica Association Bradford
10 Worthington street

Phone Number: