Firm Foundations UK

The vision for Firm Foundations UK came from the combined desires of its core team to provide a haven to help heal the heartbroken, to free those trapped in the chains of addiction and to provide an environment where life controlling behaviours can be addressed. Some may have had no caring role models or family to be guided by or may just have made poor choices along life’s path. Firm Foundations UK aims to enable individuals to fulfil their God-given potential in Jesus, through the community based Celebrate Recovery course and Residential Discipleship course at Prodigal House. We will provide a safe and secure, welcoming, unconditionally accepting, spiritually, emotionally and physically nourishing experience enabling individuals to gain their identity in Christ and to grasp a real sense of community.

We named our charity Firm Foundations UK because the necessity of having a firm foundation is a lesson we all need to learn, especially when it comes to our spiritual lives. The structural integrity of a building is dependant on the types of materials that are used and the type of foundation it is built upon. In the same way, we need to be very careful in what we are basing our spiritual work upon, and to take heed in the building process. Jesus instructed his followers to make sure that they not only heard his words, but also put them into practice. Our programme will include a healthy balance of meaningful and challenging guidance combined with practical outreach and life skills training.

Our core team have a variety of experiences and skills and are at differing stages of their walk with God, came together in August 2014. Each member of the core team had already experienced God’s hand in their lives, been involved in working within God’s Kingdom, and were reaching out to those in need. As a Christian family we are here to be an anchor through rough waters, accept individuals for who they are and love them no matter what. We recognise that many of us, even long term Christians, ‘cope’ with brokenness in our lives rather than look for healing and wholeness. We want to offer a means of reaching people with this life changing gift.

Prodigal House,
26, Bradford Road,
BD14 6HW

Phone Number: 01943862211