Marshfield Odsal Bankfoot Enterprise (MOBE)

A voluntary organisation that works with unemployed people of various ages mainly within the Bradford district. We specialize mainly in horticultural developments, building renovations and contracted landscaping. The group has a number of stakeholders who support many of the activities and funding needs. We support volunteers both on long term and short term placements.

We plan to develop & support young and old / unemployed people in the community through mentoring and training for employment opportunities. By developing waste grounds into community allotments/gardens to give local residents’ access to previously waste land. We have developed a number of waste grounds in Bradford 5 into a community garden/allotment. Providing training opportunities for unemployed, reducing social tension and building community cohesion. The aim is to increase local resident’s sense of pride in there environment and build confidence to give back or to invest in their community. Overall the group’s ethos is to create and maintaining good community relationship between the various ethnic groups in the Bradford district.

Draughton Street

Phone Number: 07501922076