Staying Put

Staying Put is part of Bradford Survive & Thrive (launched October 1 2019), joining with Family Action and the Women's Centre to create a one-stop-shop for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.
Together the organisations will provide early intervention and prevention, specialist work with children and young people, recovery and confidence building and packages of practical and emotional support, and access to high quality crisis support, accommodation and housing.
Families struggling with abuse will receive help for parents, carers, children and young people.
There will be “One Front Door” – one helpline, open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, when a dedicated and specialist team will be taking calls from those in need on 0808 2800999.
Staying Put aims to increase the safety of all individuals and families who experience domestic violence or abuse. We provide a range of services to support survivors, and challenge perpetrators.

PO Box 449

Phone Number: 01274 666241 (outreach)