Keighley Big Local Partnership

The Keighley Big Local Partnership is a resident-led unincorporated association with a terms of reference as its governing document. The partnership is a way for people who work, live and play in the Keighley Big Local area, called the Keighley Valley to provide recommendations in good faith about how the area can be improved.
The role of the partnership is to:
Bring together the community's views, and make the overall decisions about how Keighley Big Local will work in the Keighley Valley and how to use a £1million investment by the Local Trust.
Ensure Keighley Big Local is resident-led and that people across the Keighley Valley have a genuine and continuing opportunity to be involved.
To work with the locally trusted organisation - Airedale Enterprise Services to ensure the Big Local plan is carried out.
To review the plan, in order to create a follow-on plan for future year.
To connect with local organisations, businesses, public agencies, councillors and others who can deliver activities and help make Keighley Big Local a success.
To work with our Big Local Rep and Airedale Enterprise Services to achieve the vision we have set for the Keighley Valley.

c/o Airedale Enterprise Services
Sunderland Street
Worth Way
BD21 5LE

Phone Number: 01535 607775