Speak with IT

Speak With IT match people with aphasia with a trained volunteer who will support the person to work on their goals using a variety of computer therapy programs available on Windows, iPad and Android devices, alongside supported conversation techniques.
All our volunteers are trained by speech therapists on the various computer therapy programs we support as well as supported conversation techniques to assist with befriending our clients, who are often elderly.
Speak With IT are recruiting for Volunteer Speech Support Workers across Yorkshire who can provide valuable one to one support for people with aphasia on speech therapy apps. Our volunteers support people with aphasia in their own home and over videocalls, with visits organised around your availability and the people you are supporting.
Volunteers will schedule appointments each month to check on their client’s progress with the apps, make sure the exercises are an adequate challenge and that they are focussed on working towards useful goals for the client such as learning to text.
Volunteers will also provide a link to the world outside, as many of our clients are socially isolated or may be choosing to shield. Conversation with their volunteer, someone trained to communicate with them effectively can be massively beneficial to both communication and overall mood.

S3 Flexspace
Monckton Road

Phone Number: 01924 888608