The Neighbourhood Project

Our mission is to promote the sustainable environmental, social and economic well-being of neighbourhoods through promoting self-help and community enterprise.

In practice, we deliver informal training to residents in community settings on topics relating to local regeneration, e.g. neighbourhood planning, building community assets, and environmental sustainability, e.g. local food growing, waste reducing and recycling. We then provide support to turn this new knowledge into action, whether people volunteer for an existing organisation or set up a new project, campaign or group.

We also run digital training services that mainly target vulnerable adults and older people to improve their computer skills and using the internet. These are provided both in groups and on a one-to-one basis in people's homes.

Our aim is to up-skill and encourage active neighbourhoods where residents contribute positively towards local regeneration and sustainability.

118 Bierley Lane

Phone Number: 07941 385306